Storage Shed Transfer After Cyclone Debbie’s Devastating Floods In Murwillumbah Northern NSW

Yesterday we traveled to one AM REMOVALS great clients Pack & Stack Storage Solutions Murwillumbah.  We had an SOS call from one of our customers Jim whose entire storage shed had flooded with over 2 meters of water damaging over 30 years of treasures, photos and furniture.   The force of the water was so intense it lifted a stainless steel fridge off the floor of the shed.  Adam and Ti at AM REMOVALS could not believe the devastation of the flood to the storage sheds – extremely sad and stressful for our customers, but were amazed at how positive and glass half full everyone was with situation they had been faced with.  The boys worked hard all day to selvage what they could for our clients and repacked Jim’s shed one level up.  Was a pleasure to help out these people preserve what we could and help them with the stress that ‘Cyclone Debbie’ has caused.