Billiard Tables, Spas & Pianos

AM Removals Pianos spas pool\billiards table relocations
AM Removals Pianos spas pool\billiards table

Billiard Tables Spas Pianos

Why choose AM Removals to move your precious or expensive piano, spa bath or pool & billiard tables?

Because we understand  these items can pose huge problems.  They can be  expensive, heavy and unwieldy.

Owners often have fears that these items could be damaged.  There is
also the risk of injury if you attempt to move them without specialised
help, and the correct equipment. Therefore AM Removals are here to help.

Piano Removalists Gold Coast and Northern NSW

We specialise in moving pianos, spa baths and billiard\pool tables.

You can rest assured you are in safe hands when moving these heavy
delicate items. Because our fully trained, skillful team have purpose
designed trolleys, ramps and equipment.

AM Removals experience provides added peace of mind. Due to our impeccable reputation of no damage and complete safety.

We plan your project, and the equipment needed, depending on the
degree of difficulty. So you can be confident any perceived issues are
taken into account.

Take a look at our Baby Grand crane lift project.

Out of Area Removals

Our standard rates for pianos, billiard\pool tables and spa bath
removal apply. However, out of our radius, additional travel charges may
apply. We are completely upfront about costs and there will be no
hidden costs.

Like what you’ve read so far? Call our Senior Project Manager on          Mobile: 0455 319 559 to arrange a quote.

AM Removals is 100% Australian owned and operated. So get the best Tweed and Gold Coast region removalist on the job. As we specialise in all your difficult and heavy item relocations.

For more information visit our About Us page & Youtube video

Specialist equipment for Billiard Tables, Spas & Pianos.

We offer all types of moves including high rise relocations, office relocations, units/townhouses and large family homes. Full business relocations, commercial, domestic and interstate.

We’re here to help. With great moving tips and a helpful inventory list for you.

Please feel free to speak to our team before you even get a quote.

Or call our Senior Project Manager on Mobile: 0455 319 559 today for project specific queries.

AM Removals specialise in surrounding areas of:

Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Tweed Heads, Murwillumbah, Kingscliff, Mullumbimby and Beaudesert areas.

For all your local home & furniture removalist services.

We always look for ways to save you time and money. Because our reputation
is built on being the most efficient and affordable removalists.

As a family business, we are a happy, motivated and enthusiastic team. That love what we do.

We’ll help you every step of the way.

We look forward to working with you.

Pete, John and The AM Removals team.