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BE PREPARED, AM Removals cannot stress this enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving locally or long distance. Whether your move is quoted or if you are paying by the hour. Being prepared WILL save you time and money.

However, we know life gets busy. Many of our clients are time poor or physically not able to get prepared. Dont worry! We cater to all your needs just fill in our quote form and let’s get started.


JETTISON THE JUNK – Tour your home from top to bottom. Including garage, yard and outside areas. Get rid of things you don’t need anymore. There is no point paying a Removalist to move them to your new home if you are only going to throw them out later.

PACKING – If you intend to pack your own boxes, START NOW. Plan to do some each day. Make sure you identify the contents of each box and nominate the room it should be placed in at your new home.

MAKE A LIST – Of the things your family will need on the big day. Put them aside for the trip.

RETURN – Anything you have borrowed from your friends or neighbours.

if – You are moving long distance have your vehicle comprehensively checked.

CHECK – Your fridge & washing machine will fit the space allocated for them in your new home.


FUEL – Drain fuel from lawn mower and other such equipment. Put aside any flammables such as oil-based paints, turps, aerosol cans & gas bottles (WE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO TRANSPORT THESE AND THEY ARE NOT PERMITTED IN STORAGE).

PLEASE AVOID – Watering pot plants at least two days before the move. You do not want water leaking through the load. If you have small pot plants place them in open fruit boxes lined with plastic or tin foil. Pack them in snugly so they keep each other upright.

DISASSEMBLE – Swing sets, remove legs from trampoline, empty plastic sand pit. If possible, remove sand and coal from the BBQ tray.


DEFROST – The fridge & remove ALL the food into esky’s. Wipe out the fridge interior with a few drops of vanilla essence in water to make sure it smells fresh on arrival. If possible empty the drip tray from the rear of the fridge.

DISASSEMBLE – All items that need or can be disassembled. Remove castors from ensemble bed bases. Tape up loose bed slats into neat bundles. Remove mirrors from dressing tables ( where possible ). Remember to put screws, nuts & bolts cam locks etc in a safe place like a draw preferably taped together. Or taped to item in a snap lock bag, ensuring no essential parts are lost. Remove shelves and shelf supports from bookcases and wall units. Disconnect TV, DVD, gaming consoles, stereo systems and computers. Collect loose leads, remotes & controls. Place them in a marked box. Roll up rugs. Place some tape around the ironing board so it does not spring open. Drain and roll up garden hoses. Place some tape around them so they stay rolled up. (We have electric tools to disassemble and assemble all furniture required to be moved. However, it will take us more time. So add that to your inventory list.

GO AROUND – The house again to check for anything you may have overlooked.

Again, these tips are not all essential, as we can cater to all your moving needs. However, they will save you money on the day of your move. We are not permitted to carry fuel, gas, or flammables on our trucks.


DROP – Young children & pets off with a friend or babysitter. Or have someone over to supervise them if possible.

ORGANISE – An emergency kit you can take with you in the car. Pack a small box with some snack food, tea, coffee, sugar, mugs, glasses, soap and a towel.

SET ASIDE – Things you may need at the last minute like vacuum and cleaning equipment.

IF – You want an emergency kit or vacuum cleaner. Or any items immediately on arrival to your new home, to travel in the truck. Be sure they are marked load last so they are first off.


SEND A SCOUT – On ahead so that there is someone on site with keys at your new home. This ensures someone is there to meet the removalist when they arrive. Ensuring no time is lost.

BE SURE – The removalist has a clear idea of where everything is to go in your new home. Label your boxes clearly or colour code them and tape a colour post it note to the door of the room where the matching articles are to be placed.

THAT NIGHT – Settle in and welcome to your new home.