Pianos, Pool Tables, Spas

Large Spa in Moving TruckWhy choose AM Removals to move your precious or expensive piano, spa bath or pool table?

We at AM Removals fully understand that the removal of these items can pose huge problems in that they can be very expensive, heavy and unwieldy to move. You may have fears that these items could be damaged or maybe trying to move them without help could result in injury. This is where we can help.

Piano Removalists Gold Coast and Northern NSW

We specialise in moving a piano, spa bath or pool table with our fully trained professional team and our purpose designed trolleys, ramps and equipment. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands when moving these heavy delicate items with no damage and complete safety.

Your move may incur extra fees depending on the degree of difficulty but this will be settled on in the course of getting the quote so there will be no hidden fees.

Out of Area Removals

Our standard rates for piano, pool table and spa bath removal apply, however out of our radius additional travel charges apply. We are completely upfront about costs and there will be no hidden costs.

Like what you’ve read so far, call Adam on 0455319559 for an on the spot quote and get the best Tweed Removalist and the Southern Gold Coast Removalist on the job for difficult and heavy items.