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When it comes to moving heavy and bulky items, AM Removals can do it better than anyone else! Let us know if you need your piano, pool table or spa to be relocated. We are trained and equipped with the best tools, techniques and practices for moving these large stuff.

We know that pianos are not only delicate and expensive but that they also hold sentimental value. That’s why it’s our first priority to keep them safe during the entire procedure. We move everything from spinets, uprights, and grand uprights to baby grands, grands, concert grands, and all other sorts of organs and pianos, and our skilled moving team is prepared to handle any situation.

Pool tables need special attention, particularly when disassembling and reassembling them. AM Removals has the experience, knowledge and equipment required to confidently handle pool table moving efficiently. We know the right method of dismantling them and putting them together based on the model, brand, condition and age of the table.

We, at AM Removals, also offer spa moving services. We wrap your spa to prevent damage during transport and relocate it using specialised equipment. When we move and relocate spas and hot tubs, you can rest assured that they will arrive safely and securely at your place.